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When you're looking for the right solution to your advertising needs, we have the right tools.


With complete customization options for an affordable rate, you will find all your advertising needs met at one place.

Midwest Promotional Services, LLC of Eagle River, WI has the expertise in designing banners and taking care of other advertising needs that you are looking for. We can also create mixed media with a mixture of digital print with removable letters.

A banner is the most efficient way to communicate your special offers or announcing a grand opening to the public. A big, bright and eye-catching banner is the best way to convey to the passers-by what you have to offer.


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Banners Designed to Your Specifications

  • Digital printed banners in full color

  • Durable and waterproof vinyl

  • Come in different weights 13 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz

  • Can be printed single or double sided

  • Come complete with grommets and are ready to hang

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